About Us

Rafka’s Maison

Rafael “Rafka” Koblence was introduced to the world of haute joaillerie at a very young age, when growing up in Riga, Latvia, he came across a book featuring jewelry collections by Peter Carl Fabergé exclusively designed for the Royal Court. Rafka was immediately drawn to the extreme detail of the creations, each piece uniquely manifesting the strong passion and singular talent of the designer. Rafka felt a similar desire to create.

As it usually does, life got in the way, and at the age of 18 Rafka found himself in Israel where he became the national champion in wrestling. Years later, Rafka relocated to the US, where armed with a strong eye for antiques and old-world art he honed his craft, first in Boston and then in New York and fully pursued his lifelong dream. In 1996, Rafka & Co. was born.

“People value the detail and workmanship of yesterday. I am trying to do yesterday, today.”

– Rafka Koblence


Mission Statement

At RAFKA we remain passionate about extreme attention to detail both visual and structural; Rafka Koblence’s standards of excellence hail back to another long-gone era. Utilizing modern technology and almost-forgotten artisanal techniques, the master jeweler strives to offer old-world craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and pure aesthetic pleasure. RAFKA’s sophisticated clientele attest to this mission. Forever inspired by the timeless work and immense talent of Peter Carl Fabergé, Rafka Koblence strives to bring dedicated craftsmanship and detail to today’s high jewelry aficionado.