At RAFKA we strongly believe in the power of individuality and creation. We are excited to work with our clients on utterly personal, completely bespoke designs based on the client’s vision and specific needs. Our Bespoke Department also offers new design customization and repurposing of your existing jewels allowing you to give new life and fresh, thoroughly modern designs to jewels passed down from previous generations.



Attention to detail

Whether a creation is elaborate or simple, every effort will be made to ensure no detail is too small.

Quality in-house craftsmanship          

Absolutely no outsourcing. Every single piece is made in-house from the initial sketch to the little screw holding the stones in place. 

Authenticity and originality

RAFKA designs are original, unique creations that are first born in the inspired mind of the master jeweler.

Sustainable practices and ethical sourcing 

We adhere to industry-wide rigid standards of ethical sourcing and sustainability. Provenance of stones and materials is of paramount importance at RAFKA